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About us

CDS is an internationally oriented company that has specialised in designing, developing and producing displays for over 2 decades. We offer a total package of Point of Sale materials. In other words – from the initial design and first sketch, to the production of the displays, packing and shipping.

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Holbox Shop Direct

Holbox Shop Direct: the webshop that originated from parent company Holbox. On this webshop we share our creativity and passion for cardboard in unique products, such as cardboard furniture, life-size cardboard figures and fun toys for children. Also for smaller orders of displays and fair furniture you have come to the right place. As part of the Holbox Group, Holbox Shop Direct is bred and stamped with creativity and passion for everything to do with cardboard. Add to that a good portion of knowledge and experience and you have the pillars of our webshop.

Social Responsibility - Environment

At Holbox, we are therefore conscious of the effect that our business activities have on the environment and we are constantly working on finding ways and developing techniques to minimise this effect.

Would you like to read more about the steps we take in the field of sustainability? Then click here!

Social Responsibility - Social

At Holbox, we not only consider the impact that our business activities have on the environment, but also the effect that these activities have on people inside and outside our organisation. Because we are aware that we can also play an important, distinguishing role in society, we have entered into partnerships with various foundations that help people with a distance to the labour market to find a place to work.

In our production locations in Poland and the Netherlands, we therefore have enthusiastic teams consisting of young people and adults who need support in setting up and carrying out their daily tasks. At Holbox, we believe that it should be possible for everyone to be part of the labour market and we are therefore happy to help set up such integration projects.


Holbox and its more than 400 employees service the European market from the company’s head office in Echt (NL), the production site in Gliwice, Poland, and sales offices in Germany, Belgium and France.

We are happy to help you

We are happy to help you