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Our Journey


CDS was founded in 2004 by Harsh Mohunta. After farming followed by Logistics for a number of years, he decided to put this hands on business of Printing & Displays.

CDS WebShop Direct, the latest venture to be set up by the CDS Group, was founded at the end of 2022. A web-shop where creativity and passion for multi-material  have resulted in unique products such as POSM, Displays, Fixtures & Furniture 


The Design office is located in DLF-1, Gurugram from where one can reach anywhere in NCR. It has very close proximity to the New Delhi Airport. This location has very good connectivity of multiple modes of transport.

CDS  takes care of the complete process for all point of sale material, from the  first sketch to design, proto-typing, Production of displays, packaging, logistic handling & implementation.

With the success, we have grown into five separate verticals: Printing, Displays, Retail Fixtures, Interiors, Furniture & Plastic Sheet Extrusion. Each vertical has become very important & forms the core business. The company is run by professional with great pleasure and passion.

Sustainability And Better Environment

Since the sun shines across the globe, it makes every industry a potential energy producer, thus allowing each industry to contribute towards greater energy independence and security and take care of MOTHER EARTH.

With the growing threat of climate change due to the excessive release of carbon emissions, CDS has been using clean solar energy with photovoltaic (PV) solar cells. These don’t require any water when generating electricity, which is the best CDS could do at this point of time.

In the coming years, sustainability and making our products and processes more sustainable will become increasingly important. For example, FSC certified Paper, Grass paper, which consists largely of green waste, will play a major role, and tapping into new sources is inevitable if we want to produce displays even more efficiently and sustainably. Our planet is important and we want our stone to contribute to a better environment in any way we can.

Creative Waste

For example, paper remnants from the production process are increasingly given a second life in the form of so-called ‘Creative Waste’, in which attention to quality and sustainability cannot be missed. New insights are constantly being gained, as our products are now available internationally and we are constantly growing.

We are happy to help you

We are happy to help you