Modushelf® is a patented, modular system that gives us unlimited
possibilities of combinations. Its reinforced structure is ideal for
supporting heavy weights, such as soft drink bottles, dog food and
heavy products in general.

The Modushelf® modular system simplifies the transport and
assembly of the piece, making it a very practical ally in massive
advertising campaigns.

Our Awards

Bronze - Award POPAI (Brazil)

Display Entertainment, Miscellaneous, Brinquedos and Accessories-Temporary

Bronze OMA Award (USA)

Snack Products and Soft Drinks - Semi-Permanent

Bronze POPAI Award (Brazil)

Food Display- Temporary

Our Work

OREO Modushelf floor-standing display

Isle of Slopes Clight Modushelf

Dolca Modushelf Island

Kinder Joy Island Modushelf

Modulshelf Nesquik Landfill

Arch KINDER Eastern


Modulshelf Floor Stand

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We are happy to help you