Design and Manufacture of Displays

We offer customised displays, which are always the cream of the crop when it comes to Sustainability, Creativity and Innovation. We have been doing so for more than 18 years with the utmost commitment to quality. We offer a complete package for in-store communication and develop everything in-house – from the first sketch to the design, prototype, production, packaging, logistics handling and implementation. This enables us to go beyond expectations and fulfil every client’s needs efficiently whilst giving us the ability to respond quickly to the latest trends and developments in the market.






Who We Are

As a First-Generation business, our speciality lies in the design and production of Display systems and Point-of-Sale materials. We have been developing and mastering the craft for nearly two decades. We pour our passion and creativity into making unique displays with various materials including, but not limited to, Cardboard, Corrugated Plastic, HIPS, ABS, Acrylic, Polycarbonate, PET, MDF, Wood, Metal Pipe and Sheet Metal. We make our multipurpose displays in our design studio with care and quality always at the forefront. Our team of passionate and creatively sound designers work tirelessly to deliver exactly what the customer needs. Innovation, Creativity and Sustainability form the core of CDS. Our mission is to create the most innovative in-store campaigns and POS materials that are distinct and stand out in a crowd while being sustainable and achieving the desired effect on the consumers. We also are proud parents of a display series that we ship flat-packed and is effortless to assemble. This series distinguishes itself with its special construction, which enables them to be set up in a matter of seconds.






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We are happy to help you