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Green is possible

Sustainability is more than a core value: it is in our DNA and runs like a green thread through Holbox’s future. For example, all our displays are 100% FSC, we use sustainable raw materials in our production process and we have our own Sustainability ID. Together we make the difference and ensure a green future for the next generation.

ISO 14001 certification


Sustainable raw materials

Sustainability Report | Made a difference in 2021

Quality marks

We are regularly rewarded for the way we deal with sustainability within Holbox. We are already in possession of various quality marks.
  • FSC®: we use raw materials for wood and paper products that originate from responsibly managed forests, with all attention for the people who depend on the forest.
  • PEFC: we use wood and paper products that originate from sustainably managed forests, paying attention to people, planet and profit.
  • EcoVadis Silver Rating: measures the quality of the company’s CSR management system.
  • Cradle to Cradle certification: determines that a product is safe for people and the environment and is made from materials that can be recycled or composted.
  • ISO 14001: we are ISO 14001 certified . This is the international standard that describes the requirements that an environmental management system must meet.

Sustainability is already taken into account in the design of the display. Smart designs and optimal use of the material are matters that our folding masters deal with on a daily basis. Innovations and developments in the field of paper and cardboard are hot topics. The grass paper is one of our favourites among the paper types, a sustainable paper with an ecological look! In our magazine Instore Only we pay attention to developments within the company and in the branch twice a year. Sustainability is the theme of the magazine.

Sustainable production process

Grass paper

Instore Only Magazine

Checklist sustainable displays

Holbox has developed a checklist that we can go through with you to see in which area the design of displays can be even more sustainable:
  • Smart display design
  • 3D visualization
  • FSC® and PEFC certified
  • Bio inks
  • Migration-free lacquer
  • Dispersion lacquer
  • Full cardboard
  • Green transport

Creative waste

We handle paper sparingly. When colouring the printing press, we hardly use so-called ‘shoot-in’. That saves a lot of paper. What’s more, the staple that we still use is given a second life in the form of Creative Waste. As for the other cardboard from the ‘large productions’, this material is also disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. According to specialists, cardboard can be recycled no less than five to six times. After that, the fibres are no longer good enough for reuse.
  • Our paper gets a second life
  • Raw materials and materials are reused

We are happy to help you

We are happy to help you